The Benefits of Wearing Diapers …

… at home – Situation V: Sleeping Time

Having to get up during the night can be bothersome, especially if it happens regularly. Regardless of the age, it is always a hassle to leave the warm and cosy bed, in particular during winter time. More importantly, countless medical studies clearly show the importance of refreshing, i.e. uninterrupted, sleep. A simple and straight forward solution is to put on a (highly) absorbent diaper at night. Just make sure to be consistent and you will get into a routine before you even realize it. However, keep in mind that a form of functional incontinence might develop over time: At the beginning, you will still wake up, though without the need to leave your bed. Over time, your body and mind will get more and more accustomed to just being able to let go and the time interval of being awake at night as well as the level of alertness will decrease to that point where you do not wake up anymore. The considerably positive aspect, however, is a full night of uninterrupted, refreshing sleep with all the other positive effects on your health. As if that is not worth starting to wear diapers at night, respectively, whenever you are having a nap!

“Good morning, sweetie! Did you sleep well? Looks like someone has been dreaming about waterfalls, right? Good girl, I mean, this is why we put you in those extra absorbent nighttime diapers, isn’t it? Come on, babygirl, take your bunny and let’s go down for breakfast, that diaper can still take a little bit more before it needs to be changed.”

“DADDY!”, Caroline screamed running out of the bedroom, across the hallway straight into the kitchen where her boyfriend Ben was preparing breakfast. As usually on sundays, he had gotten up a little bit earlier in order to lay the table, get some buns and make scrambled eggs. At first, he was a little bit concerned about her excited scream early in the morning.

“What is it, babygirl?”, he asked turning around just to see her standing right in front of him. To his relief, he could see her smirking.

“I’ve got a surprise for you, daddy!”, she said pulling down her pajama pants and lifting the upper part. “Look!”

As every morning, she presented him her nighttime diaper, which she usually wet right before getting up in the morning. Still a little bit puzzled what she was aiming for, he said: “Good girl!”, and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

“No Daddy …”, she said impatiently, “you have to feel!” She took his right hand and put it onto the front of her diaper right in her crotch. He gave it a gentle squeeze … and suddenly he understood: Normally, her diaper was still warm in the morning because she had wet it just minutes before. This time, however, it was cold!

“But … this means …”, he started and could see her grinning getting bigger, “you wet it at night?! Did you wake up?”

“Nope, Daddy”, she replied, “not even a single second!” He gave her a tight hug and told her how proud he was. Four months of diaper training were enough to regress her back to wetting unconsciously at night. When they started, they both wondered how long it would take to reach the different milestones of diaper training. This was the first, and maybe the most important. They both knew that this was the point of no return – from now on, her training and her level of dependence on diapers would speed up significantly.

A bedwetting chart is a great tool for the beginning of your girlfriends diaper training. The concept is fairly simple: A soaked diaper in the morning means a star on the chart. Each time she has received seven stars in a row, she gets a reward of your choice (tip: be generous!). However, a dry nighttime diaper means a red cross on that certain day and an additional glass of water in the evening from now on. You will be surprised how effective this method works!

Waking up for the first time in a soaked diaper she had wet in her sleep without noticing – the expression on her face speaks volumes: the shame, the unavoidable question if she had gone too far, the realization that her diaper-wearing is not part of a game anymore and that she needs them from now on, the thought about what her family and friends would say if they could see her right now, the strange feeling of comfort and security caused by that soggy padding around her bottom which she will have to feel every morning from now on, whether she liked it or not. Priceless!